We Forked NFY from Ethereum

and deployed it to Binance Smart Chain

Let’s be honest, gas prices and transaction fees are out of control on Ethereum. So while we love Ethereum and everything about it, we just can’t continue to pay these exorbitant fees for simple transactions, especially when other options exist. Welcome to Binance Smart Chain! Everything you know and love about Ethereum just faster and cheaper. You can continue using your favorite wallets and the same addresses work. Simply switch your network in the dropdown menu and you’re in.

If you need instructions on how to get your Metamask working with Binance Smart Chain click the above image.

The Right Team At The Right Time

We’re not public, we’re not anonymous. We’re pseudonymous.

Ivan Fuego
Ivan FuegoCTO & CoFounder
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El Chapo
El ChapoCoFounder & CEO
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Yogesh Padsala
Yogesh PadsalaSolidity Dev

#DeFi #NFTs on #BSC

$BNFY is da wei. Get you some right here: